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Bore Sighting Tool - BSS


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Sighting Tool

Company Transferred:

Bharat Electronics Limited, Panchkula

Developing Agency:

CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO)

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Brief Description

Description :

Bore Sighting System (BSS) is required to harmonise the Mounting Tray (MT) used for mounting Head Up Display (HUD) in the cockpit of an Aircraft. The BSS substitutes the actual HUD for the purpose of aligning the MT with reference to the Aircraft axis (Fuselage Reference Line - FRL). Once the tray is harmonised, the interchangeability of HUD is ensured within specified tolerance of 1 mRAD. Installation and harmonisation of the MT is carried out with the help of a Harmonisation Board placed at a distance of 25 meters (approx.) from the design eye position

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