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AnuPath: a lab-on-palm platform


COVID-19 Technology, Startup Technologies, Life Sciences & Biotechnology, Medical Sciences

Sub Area:

Covid diagnostics

Focus Area:

Medical equipment

Developing Agency:

PathShodh Healthcare, Bengaluru

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Technology developed

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Brief Description

Description :

A lab-on-palm platform called "anuPath" by PathShodh Healthcare, repurposed for COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test. PathShodh, a one-of-its-kind unique solution, uses an electronic reader in conjunction with disposable test strips, thus eliminating human errors in interpreting results. It is a total antibody test (both IgM and IgG) unlike most of the tests which are only IgG tests. It is a quantitative test, as opposed to the qualitative tests available in the market, which is very important in assessing the immunity level.

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