Engineering Sciences

Title :

Study of Structural Behavior and Failure Characteristics of FRP-Concrete Composite Beams

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Engineering Sciences

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civil engineering

Principal Investigator :

Prof. Shamsher Bahadur Singh, Senior Professor, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani

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The study aims to study the structural behavior and failure characteristics of FRP-concrete composite beams, which can be improved by combining advanced composite materials with conventional construction materials like concrete. The study will focus on the effects of design parameters such as the shape and composite layup of the FRP profile, the geometry and concrete type of the slab, and type of shear connection and interaction on the composite action. The main objectives include developing an efficient shear transfer medium, studying the interdependencies among design parameters, developing a refined numerical model, investigating the influence of location, size, and shape of cutouts in webs and flanges, and generating design recommendations in the form of load-slip relations, design equations, and analysis procedures.

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