Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Observational study: Microgravitytesting of a phase change referenceon the International Space Station

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Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Materials Characterization under Microgravity

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Orbital sensors to monitor global climate change during the next decade require low-drift rates for onboard thermometry, which is currently unattainable without on orbit recalibration. Phase-Change Materials (PCMs), such as those that make up the ITS-90 standard, are seen as the most reliable references on the ground and could be good candidates for orbital recalibration. Development on miniaturized phasechange references capable of deployment on an orbital blackbody is mandatory. The objective of the proposed work is on the improvement of orbital temperature measurements for long duration earth observing and remote sensing.


Dr.S.G.K.Manikandan, ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragir

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