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Numerical study on the porous injector concept for throttling of liquid rocket engine

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Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Liquid Propulsion

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In liquid rocket engines, the injector design has influence on the combustion stability, combustion chamber durability, overall all engine performance and greatly on the throttling capabilities of the engine. Presently co-axial injectors are used in LOX/H2 or LOX/CH4 liquid propellant rocket engines. Advanced injector design which is insensitive to the varying injection conditions is required for applications specifically for throttling capability. One of the promising candidates for the development of throttleable injector shall be the porous injector for the cryogenic rocket engines. For example, in order to increase in the contact surface between fuel and oxidizer, the oxidizer (Liquid Oxygen, LOX) injected through many small tubes in a parallel showerhead configuration and the fuel in this case, hydrogen/methane shall be injected through a porous faceplate. The main advantages is that of throttling the engine by reducing the propellant mass flow, which in this case has minor influence on the atomization and mixing characteristics. In addition, very low combustion roughness can be achieved even at very low pressure drops across the injector. Another advantage are the potentially lower manufacturing costs based on the simple design.


Dr. Ganesh P, ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragir

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