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Novel Ionic Liquid based Nano-photocatalytic Conversion of WCO into Biodiesel and Triacetin under Synergic Effects of Cavitation & Microwave: A Holistic Technique for Improved Economics with Reduced Damage to Environment and Safety

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Engineering Sciences

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Chemical Engineering

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Dr. Dipesh Shikchand Patle, Assistant Professor, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technolgy, Allahabad Campus, Teliarganj

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Biodiesel is a promising alternative to petro-diesel due to its favorable properties. India consumes 850 x107 litres of diesel per month, and a 5% blend is required for biodiesel production. A 110 x107 litre biodiesel can be produced from 140 x107 WCO collected annually. Using WCO for biodiesel synthesis can reduce costs and environmental contamination. This work aims to develop a novel IL-based nano-photocatalyst for biodiesel production, develop an experimental setup for microwave-ultrasound assisted transesterification, investigate the effect of process parameters on biodiesel yield, estimate kinetic and thermodynamic parameters, analyze biodiesel properties, and design a continuous biodiesel production process based on economic, environmental, and safety criteria.


Dr. Pundlik Rambhau Bhagat, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Dr. Sushil Kumar , Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technolgy

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