Astronomy & Space Sciences

Title :

Lightweight Aluminium hybrid foam core multi-layer sandwich panels with metal / 3D Carbon Fibre / Kevlar as face sheets for aerospace, blast resistance and transportation applications

Area of research :

Astronomy & Space Sciences, Engineering Sciences

Focus area :

Closed cell foam panels

Principal Investigator :

Venkat A N Ch, Senior Scientist, CSIR-Advance Material and Process Research Institute (CSIR-AMPRI), Bhopal

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Executive Summary :

Objective: Making of aluminium hybrid closed cell foam with uniform cell (2-5 mm) size and density (0.3-0.8 g/cm3); Making of aluminium closed cell foam panels of size 300 X 300 X 30 mm thickness; Making sandwich panels using carbon fibre / Kevlar / thin Ti/ Al alloy sheets as face sheets through polymer resin compression moulding with a density of 0.8-1.2 g / cm3; Development of material for blast resistance / explosives packaging / light weight aerospace structures.

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