Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Effect of variation in biogas fuel composition on the flame stability and pollutant emissions under practically relevant flow conditions

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Astronomy & Space Sciences

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Dr Rajesh Sadanandan, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology (IIST), Thiruvananthapuram

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Core Research Grant (CRG)


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The work investigates the influence of varying CO2 concentration on the combustion characteristics of biogas flames in flowfields of practical interest, like swirling flow experimentally, using combined optical and laser-based techniques along with probe measurements of pollutants. The primary goal is to understand the implications of composition variation on flame stability and pollutant formation through systematic investigations. The data generated will also act as an experimental database for scientists/researchers developing numerical models. Therefore, the long-term objective of these studies is to assist burner designers using numerical methods in the development of the reliable and efficient design of burners using biogas as fuel.

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