Energy Sciences

Title :

Development of MXene based Composite 2D Nanoengineered Materials for charge storage

Area of research :

Chemical Sciences, Energy Sciences, Material Sciences

Focus area :

Nanoengineered Materials for charge storage

Principal Investigator :

Dr Shashank G. Gaikwad, Scientist, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune

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Executive Summary :

Objective: To explore various synthesis strategies to develop these MXene layered structures and tune their chemical, physical, electrochemical properties. In addition, this proposal also intends to look at developing the composites of these MXenes with other known 2D materials like BCN, Phosphorene and also with some unconventional 2D sheet like materials of metals and metal selenides; the focus of the proposal is on development of new class of 2D materials and understand their physicochemical, electronic, electrochemical properties; evaluate their application potential for charge storage devices as well

Summary: The purpose of the proposal is to develop a process for the recovery of pure tungsten and associated metals like vanadium, lead, cobalt etc. from the waste industrial scrap using advanced separation methods such as annular centrifugal extractor (ACE) and rotating disc contactor (RDC) along with associated processes. Comparative studies will be performed for the extraction of tungsten using different types of cationic, anionic and mixed extractants and additives. All the process parameters such as extractant concentration, agitation speed, feed pH and presence of impurities will be optimized. Systematic studies for selective extraction, complex species formation, mixing velocity and stripping methods will also be executed. Factors affecting separation via contactors viz. residence time, velocity, organic to aqueous ratio, viscosity will be determined. Scale-up of the process will also be proposed. Finally an industrially viable, costeffective solution for efficient recovery and recycling of tungsten from waste will be Research work efforts are directed towards the development of novel technology and new reagents to overcome the difficulties to extract iron from Magnetite and other tough ores. Bulk leaching of the ores to extract rare earths inevitably solubilizes iron minerals and increases acid consumption. Removal of the iron from the leachate requires excessive amounts of reagents such as lime. This, in addition to method for extracting rare earths without affecting the value of the iron minerals are required to improve the economics of processing these ores. In this proposal, we are getting the valuable iron metal from the magnetite and other tough ores.

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