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Development and leveraging small-scale fluidic Platform towards understanding the plant root system: A Convergence of Engineering and Biology

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Engineering Sciences

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Mechanical Engineering, Botany, plant physiology

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Dr. Pranab Kumar Mondal, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Guwahati

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Climate change in India affects soil conditions and crop yield, affecting the plant root ecosystem. The microenvironment around the root significantly impacts the entire plant system. To address these issues, a plant root system with microfluidics is proposed, using a WT-Arabidopsis thaliana model plant. The Plant Root Microfluidic System (PRMS) will have microchannels for germination and observation of root growth under different conditions. Standardization of parameters and observation of root growth under different conditions will be considered. The influence of abiotic stress on root growth dynamics will be investigated by introducing PEG and NaCl in the liquid growth media. Automated image acquisition systems will be integrated to avoid contamination and contamination of the microscope. The project aims to develop novel analytical platforms for germinating, growing, and detecting plant root growth in a portable fluidic environment.


Dr. Ronita NagChaudhuri, St. Xaviers College, Kolkata Dr. Rishikesh Dilip Kulkarni, Institute of Technology(IIT), Guwahati

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