Engineering Sciences

Title :

Development of 10 kW/50 kWh Redox Flow Battery System for Solar PV Applications

Area of research :

Engineering Sciences

Focus area :

Cost-effective energy conversion & storage for variability in grid and transport, Smart and reliable energy supply systems

Principal Investigator :

Dr. Sreenivas Jayanti, Professor, Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai

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Executive Summary :

The project is expected to develop indigenous capability in putting together vanadium redox flow batteries for the benefit of our solar PV community of users. The experience gained in the project will also help in scaling up such systems to MW range of power and energy storage systems which will be useful for utilities in dealing with issues related to integrating renewable energy sources into the power grid. The main deliverable would be a prototype vanadium redox flow battery capable of storing 50 kWh of electrical energy at a charging power of 10 kW at an energy storage cost of US $600 per kWh for a 100 kW/500 kWh system.

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