Energy Sciences

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Design and Development of indigenous smart battery management system for energy storage and E-vehicle applications

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Energy Sciences, Engineering Sciences

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Energy Materials and Energy Storage devices

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Hemavathi S, Scientist, CSIR-Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CSIR-CECRI), Tamil Nadu

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Objective: Design and development of an Indigenous Smarter Battery Management system using an advanced SOC & SOH estimation technique for promoting accurate and fast-acting power management of commercial and CSIR-CECRI developed Lithium-ion battery Chemistries. Integration of Smart Battery Management System with Li-ion battery module and demonstration of Smart Li-ion battery pack in two wheeler E-vehicle applications

Summary: India has been at the bleeding edge of tending to environmental change and has risen as a key player towards accomplishing global commitment of limiing the weather change. The Electric Vehicle is seen as potential solution to minimize those effects due its high efficiency and Zero emissions during the use phase Energy storage systems provide a wide array of technological approaches to manging our power supply in order to create a more resilient energy infrastructure and bring cost saving to utlities and consumers. As measure to counter global warming, the role of energy storage device technology in fields such as renewable energy generation and hybrid automobile systems will become increasingly important . Particularly, the electrochemical energy storage device like batteries have a high energy density and large-scale production due to emerging electric vehicle applications is expected to bring down their cost significantly. In the present world Lithium-ion is the most promosing c hemistry of all batteries and offers the most promosing performance interms of energy desity, power desity as well as cycle life. Unfortunately, Li-ion battteries are very sensitive to usage out side of the specified operating range. These specified parameters include the battery operating temperature, over-and under voltage thresholds as well as the maximum charge and discharge current. Hence, it requires the protection during charging and discharging due to exceeding the current, voltage, orpower limits as the bettery cells could enter a thermal runaway state. a Battery Management System (BMS) is thus required to minitor all of the above mentioned parameters and to ensure the battery is operated safely and within the specified range. A battery management system is essentially the "brain" of a battery pack; its primary focus is on the safety and protection of the battery, to minimize the risk of sudden failure and to maximize the life of the battery. The secondary funstion of the BMS is to perform battery diagnostics which could be used for more effective energy management of the battery. In this project, it is proposed to advanced Smart Battery Management system which includes fail-safe circuitry to ensure that the battery cell is not damaged or dangerous to the user; monitoring capablities and logic to interpet battery conditions and estimate charge left depending on bettry load; and cummunication with the host application.

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