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Applications of satellite data sets for Indian summer monsoon studies

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Astronomy & Space Sciences

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South Asian monsoon system

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Rainfall during the summer monsoon season is one of the most important factors in deciding the fate of the economy in tropical region. Livelihood of people specifically in Indian subcontinent region largely depends on agriculture yield, which is considerable modulated by amount of rainfall during a monsoon season. Prediction of the seasonal total rainfall have notably been improved in recent years based on present set of global circulation models (GCMs), however still there is a substantial scope of further research in modeling and forecasting the intra-seasonal variability of Indian summer monsoon. Intra-seasonal variability of the monsoon is defined in terms of the active and break periods during principal rainy season. In country, like India where major agriculture practices are based on rain fed agriculture, development of suitable methods for the forecasting of active and break spells of monsoon well in advance are of utmost importance. Satellite based data sets have been proved to be useful in delineating the active and break rainfall spells in several previous studies. It is proposed to study the intraseasonal variability of Indian summer monsoon based on satellite data sets, which will be helpful in developing the understanding of physical mechanism behind this variability. Such a study would be a value addition to the ongoing studies in this context and may prove to be helpful in developing a method for identification of active and break rain spells and their spatial-temporal characteristics.


Ms. Charu Singh, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Dehradun

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