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Analysis of extreme rainfall events based on numerical models and satellite observations

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Astronomy & Space Sciences

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South Asian monsoon system

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Extreme rainfall is one of the serious challenges that society has to face under changing climate. Indian subcontinent is highly vulnerable for increasing tendencies of these climatic events. It is noted based on the recent studies that the frequency and intensity of such an extreme events are anticipated to increase under a warming environment. Therefore, numerical modeling with the aid of remotely sensed observations and ground based measurements may be carried out to forecast such an extreme events well in advance. Extreme rainfall events are associated with meso-gamma scale processes, which are difficult to simulate with the presently available set of the numerical models. It is proposed that the inclusion of the remotely sensed observations in high resolution model simulations would be helpful in developing a customized forecasting system for the prediction of extreme rainfall events.


Ms. Charu Singh, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Dehradun

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