Energy Sciences

Title :

01 MW el. (3.5 MW) solar thermal power plant with 16 hours thermal storage for continuous operation

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Energy Sciences

Focus area :

Solar thermal power plant

Principal Investigator :

Mr. Golo Pilz, Advisor, World Renewal Spiritual Trust (WRST), Mumbai

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Executive Summary :

Project aims at setting up 1 MW el. (3.5 MW) solar thermal power plant with 16 h thermal storage for continuous operation based on parabolic dish solar concentrators designed and fabricated indigenously at an estimated solar to electric efficiency of about 12%. The configuration of power plant will include 750 solar dishes having a provision of thermal storage and each having 60 square meter aperture area. The estimated output of the power plant will be i) electrical power of 1 MW el. Z 8 hrs, ii) Electrical power of 800 kW x 16 hrs, iii) Cogeneration of 1 million liters of hot water, and iv) Eight tones of steam for 24 h. Detailed report on a) Technical specifications and performance of solar dish concentrator, b) Solar collector field lay out and rationale behind the lay out, and c) Performance data for one year after installation and commissioning containing comparison of the design.


Mr B K Jayasimha, CEO, India One Solar Thermal Power Plant, World Renewal Spiritual Trust (WRST), Mumbai

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1. As per report, 500 numbers of stands, rotating supports, foundations for reflectors have been completed. 2. Design and detailing of the balance of plant is in progress and first set of reflecting mirrors for solar dishes have arrived from Germany. 3. Completed 300 no’s of Central Bar space frame. 4. Manufacturing of component for reflector, and painting is in progress. 5. Completed 150 no’s fabrication of frames and panting is in progress. 6. Completed concreting for 500 no’s of foundations for reflectors. 7. Completed erection and alignment of 500 no’s of stands. 8. Completed erection of 50 no’s of Rotating supports. 9. Started design and detailing for Balance of plant with the design consultant from Mumbai and received and unloaded first lot of reflecting mirrors arrived from Germany

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