Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Pharmacokinetic evaluation and Comparative Omics to decipher the underlining mechanism of newly discovered plant-based androgen receptor Targeting small molecules, SKICDDL-1 and SKICDDL-2 against recurrent prostate cancer

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Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Botany, Plant Biotechnology

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Dr. Khalid Zaffar Masoodi, Assistant Professor, Sher-E-Kashmir University of Agriculture Sciences & Technology, PO-Shalimar

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 Androgen receptor (AR) is a crucial transcription factor in prostate cancer progression, controlling gene expression. However, there is no defined therapy targeting AR nuclear localization in PCa. Most small molecules developed to target PCa have shown off-target effects and poor metabolic stability. A drug discovery program in 2016 led to the discovery of 16 new small molecules against PCa from medicinal plants. Two molecules, SKCIDDL-1 and SKCIDDL-2, showed significant tumor reduction and survival in nude mice. The researchers propose to evaluate these molecules for toxicity, biodistribution/pharmacokinetics, and understanding their mechanism of action.

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