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Development of Spinel-based Stable High-Voltage Lithium-ion Batteries

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Engineering Sciences

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Prof. Prabeer Barpanda, Indian Institute of Science,Bengaluru

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The rapid growth of Li-ion batteries (LIBs) has raised concerns about their cost and toxicity. The scarcity of Co-based minerals has led to increased costs and geo-political tension. However, Co-free cathode materials, such as Mn-, Ni-, and Ti-based chemistry, can offer low-cost, high energy density battery electrodes. This project focuses on investigating Co-free spinel electrode materials, specifically Ni-based spinel LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 and Ti-based spinel Li4Ti5O12 as high-voltage cathodes. The project aims to implement energy-savvy synthesis of spinel-based electrodes, conduct structural analysis, optimize capacity extraction, and demonstrate 18650-type full cells with stable cycling and high energy density.

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