Chemical Sciences

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 Design of ternary and quaternary derivatives of Ln₃X₄ (Ln = rare earth, X = chalcogens) having significant antisymmetric spin-orbit coupling: Crystal structure, magnetic and superconducting properties

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Chemical Sciences

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Materials Science

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Dr. Brajesh Kumar Mani,Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi

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Rare-earth chalcogenides Ln₃X₄, consisting of Ln as a rare-earth metal and X as a chalcogenide element, have been studied for their unique physical properties, including superconductivity, magnetic, and thermoelectric properties. These compounds, which lack an inversion center, exhibit antisymmetric spin-orbit coupling, allowing for the admixture of spin-singlet and spin-triplet pairing states within the same orbital channel. These compounds are also known for their efficient thermoelectric properties, with La₃Te₄ and Ce₃Te₄ being particularly effective.


Prof. Ashok Kumar Ganguli, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Delhi

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