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Deciphering MTP18 as an inner membrane mitophagy receptor in clearance of damaged mitochondrial subdomains and its relevance in mitoptosis

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Life Sciences & Biotechnology

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Dr Sujit Kumar Bhutia, Associate Professor, National Institute of Technology Rourkela (NITRKL), Rourkela

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Core Research Grant (CRG)


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Mitochondrial dynamic is a coordinated cycle of mitochondrial fusion and fission to conserve their distribution, shape, and size. Mitochondrial fission is pre-required for mitophagy to selectively degrade the damaged mitochondria. Human MTP18 is a novel 18kDa nuclear-encoded mitochondrial inner membrane protein, and MTP18 promotes change in mitochondrial morphology from filamentous to spherical fragmented structures. This project aims to investigate the role of MTP18 to induce selective mitophagy through asymmetric fission to eliminate the damaged mitochondrial subdomains.

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