Chemical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering Sciences


Aromatic Extraction Technology for Production of Benzene & Toluene Using Sulfolane as Solvent


Chemical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering Sciences

Focus Area:

Production of Benzene & Toluene

Social Benefits:

Use of Sulpholane, as extraction solvent, possesses a favourable combination of solvent power and selectivity resulting in the production of aromatic hydrocarbons in high purity (99.9% +) and yields( Aliphatic impurities 300 ppm) , Flexible in handling wide boiling range feedstock. Heart cut feed preparation is not required, Low utilities requirement as compared to extractive distillation procesl, Low solvent loss , Plant adaptations for future needs.

Developing Agency:

CSIR-Indian Institute of Pertroleum (IIP), Uttarakhand

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Brief Description

Description :

This technology is used in petroleum industry for production of benzene, toluene, xylene from aromatic rich feedstocks such as catalytic reformate and hydrogenated pyrolysis gasoline.

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