Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences


Empirical Validation of the Use of Recycled Lubricant Oils to Make High Energy ANFO Type Blasting Agents


Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Focus Area:

Recycling of Lubricant Oils

Social Benefits:

Reduced ~50% of the overall cost of the explosive used for the blasting operations, Most importantly, with this developed product, hazardous environmental pollutant material i.e. waste lubricant oil was successfully recycled in a form of commercially significant renewable energy sources in aeco-sustainable manner, With the use of the developed product, overall consumption of an important and limited fuel (i.e. diesel oil) can be significantly reduced, which is extremely beneficial for future of our society.

Developing Agency:

CSIR-Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CIMFR), Jharkhand

Technology Readiness Index:

Technology Integrated

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Brief Description

Description :

ANFRO product i.e. use of Ammonium nitrate (AN) and recycled lubricant oil (RLO's) with Fuel (diesel) oil in appropriate mixture as developed will be used in all the open pit mines of India. The cement industries, stone quarries owners and companies dealing in civil infrastructure will be more beneficial by using the developed product.

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