Chemical Sciences, Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences


Room/Air Freshener


Chemical Sciences, Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Focus Area:

Air Freshener Manufacturing

Social Benefits:

Made from plant sources, there is no adverse effect on environment and human health , Low cost technology with high market potential , No sophisticated equipments and machineries involved , No highly skilled manpower required , No bye-products generated during manufacturing process

Developing Agency:

CSIR-North East Institute of Science and Technology (NEIST), Assam

Technology Readiness Index:

Technology Integrated

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Brief Description

Description :

CSIR-NEIST has developed a safe mosquito repellent in the form of a household freshener. Made from plant extracts and aromatic oils, the freshener is quite effective for repelling household insect pests. The product not just keeps the room protected from insects but also gives it fresh fragrance and sanitized.

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