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MagSys: A Portable Giant Magneto-Impedance (GMI) based Magnetic Sensing Device for NDE Applications


Physical Sciences

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Magnetic Sensing Device

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MagSys is a portable magnetic sensing device where nanostructured Fe-Co based magnetic wires of diameter 80-120 micron prepared by in-rotating water quenching technique is used as a core material in the probe-head, The magnetic wire material exhibit Giant Magneto-Impedance (GMI) properties. The output signal of the sensor is proportional to the magnetic field generated by the test object, If there is change in composition, microstructure or residual stress of the test object due to in-service operation, the magnetic properties also change and hence the output signal of the sensor.

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CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jharkhand

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The device can be used in petrochemical industries where properties of stainless steel based component changes due to carburization, detection of presesnce of magnetic phases in non-magntic steel that take place during in-service operation or manugacturing process, detection of low magnetic field.

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