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Annona Seed Extract as Insecticide


Agricultural Sciences

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Annona Seed Extraction



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Potent insecticidal properties, Used as botanical pestcide or biopesticide

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CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Telangana

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Technology Demonstration

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Description :

The organic solvent extracts of seeds of Annona squamosa possess potent insecticidal properties, the organic solvent extracts yielded a very potent insecticide designated annonin I/squamocin, seeds of Annona squamosa gave at least fourteen analogues of squamocin designated squamocin B to squamocin N, squamostatin A, squamostatin B, squamostatin C and squamostatin D and squamostatin E and of these squamocin H, squamocin J, squamocin L and squamostatin B/bullatalicin showed insecticidal activity and (4) the remaining compounds are also expected to have a similar insecticidal activity. It is also known from the previous work that several analogues of Annonin-I/squamocin having a methyl substituted ?-lactone with a vacant olefinic position and an adjacent bistetrahydrofuran moiety, or a single tetrahydrofuran ring and a number of hydroxyl groups are potential candidates as insecticides. Accordingly a novel compound isosquamocin prepared in the present work showing insecticidal activity composition thereof. Present insecticidal compositions containing isosquamocin, squamocin-B (9), squamocin-C (6), squamocin-G (2), squamocin-H (3), squamocin-J (Technology Demonstration), squamocin-K (8), squamocin-L (5), squamocin-M (4), squamostatin-A (10), bullatalicin (11), bullatanocin (12) and three unidentified related compounds with retention times 5.88, 14.18 and 45.25 min. in HPLC.

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