Chemical Sciences, Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences


Pyrolysis of Polymer Waste


Chemical Sciences, Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Focus Area:

Polymer Waste Management

Social Benefits:

The process is environment-friendly which produces minimal toxins to become released in to the environments since the conversion happens in the anaerobic chamber. No un-burnt gases are emitted into the environment. Promotes environmental protection.

Developing Agency:

CSIR- Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), West Bengal

Technology Readiness Index:

Technology Development

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Brief Description

Description :

According to World Health Organization (WHO), five million people die due to disease caused by faulty disposal system and poor collection practices of waste over the years. As per the report of WHO, there are twenty-two diseases which are directly related to improper management of solid waste. The rodent and vector insects transmit various diseases like dysentery, cholera, plague, typhoid, infective hepatitis and other.

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