Energy Sciences, Physical Sciences


Solar Biodiesel Hybrid Minigrid of 50kW Peak Capacity for CSIR-CMERI, Ludhiana Campus


Energy Sciences, Physical Sciences

Focus Area:

Hybrid Minigrid

Social Benefits:

These types of systems, besides being a unique solution for uninterrupted power in remote areas, villages, hilly area etc., also find applications in Smart city projects.

Developing Agency:

CSIR- Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), West Bengal

Technology Readiness Index:

Technology Development

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Brief Description

Description :

Salient Technical Competing Features: 1. Peak Capacity:50 kWp . 2. Solar PV Capacity:48.35 kWp . 3. Diesel Genset Capacity:50 kW, 62.5 kVA 4. Battery Bank:48V, 2350 AH . 5. Load:Residential Colony (37 Households), Guest House (10 Rooms), Agricultural pumps (10HP Submersible pump 5 HP Monoblock Pump), Street Lights (~2.5kW)

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