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Waste Water Treatment Technology


Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Focus Area:

Waste Water Treatment

Social Benefits:

Cost Of Treated Water ~ 5 paisa / L of treated water

Developing Agency:

CSIR- Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), West Bengal

Technology Readiness Index:

Lab Validation

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Brief Description

Description :

Rapid industrialization and improper management of the wastes generated by the society leads to scarcity of drinking water resources. Approximately 61,754 million litres per day (MLD) effluent water is produced in foremost metropolitans in India. The sewage management facility is only of ~22,963 MLD (approximately 37% of industrial effluents) and the remaining is disposed of untreated (CPCB-2015). Emphasis will be given to develop a simple, low cost, eco-friendly, waste water treatment technology by using inexpensive and naturally abundant RD modified materials in the filtration unit which will be easy to handle.

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