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Pre-fabricated Steel-Foam Concrete Composite (SFCC) Building Components for Seismic Resistant Buildings


Material Sciences

Focus Area:

Seismic Resistant Buildings

Social Benefits:

Potential technology for seismic resistant low rise buildings , Ensures occupant safety , Alternative for conventional structural load-bearing elements , Less construction cycle period due to prefabricated components , Entire building can be dismantled and erected again , Light-weight with adequate strength and ductility Approximate cost reduction of 15% , Added thermal comfort due to the cellular foam concrete as the infill material , Can be effectively used for mass housing (G+3) schemes, Potential applications - Impact Shock Resistant Structures

Developing Agency:

CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC), Tamil Nadu

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Brief Description

Description :

Potential technology for seismic resistant low rise buildings . Suitable for prefabricated composite load bearing residential/official buildings upto G+3 storey . SFCC wall panels can be used as partition walls in cold formed steel framed construction . Suitable for mass housing (G+3) schemes in Zone-V regions . Suitable for faster construction of buildings during post-disaster mitigation

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