Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Title :

Study on the nature and formation of Ramsethu & its surrounding environment

Area of research :

Earth, Atmosphere & Environment Sciences

Focus area :

Ramsethu & its surrounding environment

Principal Investigator :

Sundaresh, Principal Technical Officer, NIO

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Executive Summary :

Objective: To carryout underwater archaeological investigations & documentation. To conduct bathymetric studies to find out the nature and formation including the submerged structures if any. To collect sediment, biological, rock, shell & coral samples for Radiometric, 10Be, TL, 14C and U-Th dating. Dating the samples to establish the period of the Ramsethu. Understanding the coastal geomorphology of Ramsethu & its environment.Study of functional profiles of microbial communities at the study site. To investigate the diversity, age and growth pattern of modern day and ancient corals associated with Ramsethu.

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