Chemical Sciences

Title :

Microwave melting of glass: A potential method for tailoring glass properties

Area of research :

Chemical Sciences, Material Sciences

Focus area :

Tailoring glass properties

Principal Investigator :

Dr Ashis Kumar Mandal, Scientist, CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CSIR-CGCRI), Ahmedabad

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Executive Summary :

Objective: Developing filter glasses i.e. IR absorbing, UV Transmitting glasses etc. To prepare safety goggles using heat absorbing glass melted in MW heating in air; To investigate optical properties of glass doped with transition metal and rare earth elements; To optimize volatility loss of selective elements (B2O3) in glasses; To explore surface modification for improvement of mechanical property.

Summary: Crystalline anatase form of TiO2 doped fibers and transparent glass-ceramics containing Co(II) doped.

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