Material Sciences

Title :

Development of special radiation shielding materials

Area of research :

Material Sciences

Focus area :

Development of lead-free shielding materials

Principal Investigator :

Dr Sunil K. Sangh, Chief Scientist, CSIR-Advance Material and Process Research Institute (CSIR-AMPRI), Bhopal

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Executive Summary :

Objective: Discussions with user agencies for their requirement of shielding efficiencies. Selection of appropriate high z metal / metal compounds, polymer matrices and additives. Determination of physical, chemical, thermal properties, mineralogy and morphology of polymer matrices Functionalization of polymer to form chemical bond with high z metal / metal compounds of bismuth, barium, tungusten, boron, etc. alone or in combinations and fabrication of lead free flexible radiation shielding material Studies using adding nano as well micro sized particles of varying morphology (flower, rod, etc) of metal/metal compounds of bismuth, barium, tungusten, boron etc alone or in combinations. Characterization of developed material on the basis of physico-chemical, morphological, thermal and mechanical properties of developed material using various sophisticated techniques such as XRD, FTIR, FESEM, HRTEM, TGA, DTA and DSC. Evaluation of radiation attenuation characteristics of developed material for X-rays, gamma ray and neutron. Optimization studies for getting desired attenuation characteristics and density in the material to meet ISI & ASTM standards. Development of proto type samples of flexible and mouldable radiation shielding materials using optimized composition Data analysis, interpretation of results and project completion report preparation.

Summary: Conventionally lead and lead based materials are used in making shielding materials as lead is cheap, dense and provides very effective shielding. However, it is associated with toxicity. Owing to this drawbacks, the current trends in research involves development of lead free radiation shielding materials for shielding radiations ranging from EMI to X-rays and gamma rays. CSIR-AMPRI, Bhopal proposed development of radiation shielding materials for radiations ranging from EMI, neutron, X-rays to gamma rays. These materials are lead free and will be based on utilization of heavy metals/their compounds like bismuth, tungsten, barium etc or industrial waste containing these metals and their compounds like brine sludge, red mud, blast furnace slag in polymer, cement or cement free matrices for application in devices, medical field, defense, industries and nuclear power plants.

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