Energy Sciences

Title :

Development of novel Electrically Conductive concrete utilizing high carbon content industrial solid wastes

Area of research :

Energy Sciences, Engineering Sciences

Focus area :

Management of Industrial Solid Wastes

Principal Investigator :

T. Hemalatha Scientist, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR-SERC), Chennai

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Executive Summary :

Objective: This proposal is aimed to develop concrete using industrial solid wastes, particularly, high carbon content fly ash and slag aggregates. The existing disposal problem of fly ash is expected to increase in the future due to the combustion modifications proposed for reducing the NOx and SOx emissions in coal power plants. After combustion modifications, the resultant fly ash would be of low quality and may have high carbon content making it unfit to use for construction purpose.

Summary: Coal being abundantly available, has been the major source of energy till date and is expected to remain so in near future. Indian coals, though low in sulfur, contain higher amount of ash content (about 35-45%) resulting in generation of huge quantities of fly ash in India. In 2031-32, the current consumption of coal in India is expected to triple (>2100 million tonnes). From this projected consumption, about 75% is expected to be used by power generation plants that would result in more amount of fly ash as residue. To reduce the NOx levels in coal plants, government is insisting the power plants to use low NOx burners. While implementing the combustion modifications to reduce NOx levels, unfortunately, these conditions favours the increase of unburned carbon in the fly ash. The increase in organic carbon content would result in the reduced use of fly ash in concrete. The methods to remove these carbon content are expensive and time consuming. Hence, the feasibility of using these high carbon content fly ash as received would be an economically viable solution to use this largely generated industrial waste in construction industry. New applications developed to use this high carbon content fly ash would solve the environmental problem. While concerning about the environmental problem under clean India program, Government of India is also promoting cities with core infrastructure and decent quality of life to its citizens under smart cities mission. In this context, developing 'Smart' solutions by enabling local development and harnessing technology are the need of the day to drive economic growth and to provide clean and sustainable environment. In view of all these, this proposal aims to develop a smart sustainable material incorporating industrial wastes having normal strength, durable and conductive properties for construction.

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