Engineering Sciences, Computer Sciences and Information Technology


VIBHRA-Virtual intelligent system for rehabilitation of persons with motor disability


Engineering Sciences, Computer Sciences and Information Technology

Focus Area:

Differently abled persons

Company Transferred:

M/s Walnet Systems, Ambala

Developing Agency:

CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO)

Technology Readiness Index:

Prototype developed and installed at two hospital Pilot Scale

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Brief Description

Description :

VIHBRA is a virtual intelligent platform for motor rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. It combines experience from virtual reality and knowledge from machine intelligence to enhance neural reorganization that optimize the physical rehabilitation outcomes in individuals with disability. It provides stimulating sensory feedback to promote motor learning and encompasses tools that help to understand the biology of disability. The system integrates inexpensive devices like Microsoft Kinect and Wii Balance Board to improve balance and neuromuscular functions

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