Energy Sciences


Laced Steel Concrete Composite (LSCC)


Energy Sciences

Focus Area:

Building material development

Developing Agency:

CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC), Tamil Nadu 

Technology Readiness Index:

Lab Validation

Brief Description

Description :

Laced Steel Concrete Composite has several unique features making it highly suitable for blast resistant construction. Concept of LSCC was conceived by innovative integration of structural elements. Reinforcement in the form of bars in reinforced concrete are replaced with plates and a novel idea of connecting the plates. LSCC beams exhibit large support rotation, nearly twice in comparison with other steel- concrete composite and laced reinforced concrete (LRC) beams and four times that of conventional reinforced concrete (RC) beams.The technology has enormous potential for direct use in structures, imparting resistance against suddenly applied dynamic loads and also spin-off for other similar structures. This product is promising in construction of blast resistant explosive storage structures like chemical industry, fire works industry, etc.

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